Weekly Reading List

Weekly Reading List
90-Day Challenge Reading List
Here's our Weekly Reading List below for the 90-Day Challenge.  The goal is to get your time back.  This is why I recommend this calendar below.   First, get your Calendar ASAP.  This complements my Google Calendar and have the best impact on my daily routine.  Then read the following Tips before you even start your reading program.
3 Tips to Start Your 90-Day Challenge
  1. Download YouVersion Bible App on your phone, tablet or use bible.com or bible.cc on your computer.
    1. If you install the App look for Plans – go to the middle checkmark at bottom of App on phone/tablet, or just click the Checkmark on the upper eft side for the desktop – Select Bible in 90 Days.
    2. We’ll be reading the ESV (English Standard Version) – You can also choose a Spanish Version like RVC1960 (Reina Valera), or other languages and translations of your choice.
    3. If you don’t have plan, I’ll be posting the readings in our FB Group one week ahead of time, and Daily as well, and sending those to your email as well.
  2. Set time aside in the morning. Unless you work nights, this is going to be the most effective time to take advantage of this program and reset your schedule accordingly.
  3. Use a Calendar (This is going to be your most important tool after the biblical text you'll be reading daily.
    1. Use Google Calendar or an alarm on your phone to remind you of the reading time every morning.
    2. Also leverage a paper calendar – Here’s my best choice -> Cambridge 2018 – 2019. I use it daily along with Google.

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