The Second Discipline Of Execution

The Second Discipline Of Execution

Today, I will share with you the Second Discipline of the Five Disciplines of Execution, and my key takeaways from the Provision Entrepreneurs Conference  by Dave Anderson who runs Learn To Lead.

Check out my article on Five Disciplines Of Execution for the complete list.

Dave Anderson on the principles

“These disciplines of execution are principles. They are widely transferable.”

“They are sequential.  They are all in, not either or.  And they are widely applicable.”

The Second Discipline Of Execution

Here are 4 key takeaways from the second discipline of execution which is: Lead Measures.
  1. Focus on managing the activities that create that outcome.
    1. You need to stop focusing on the scoreboard, and stay in the game.
    2. Choose targets carefully as some targets are not worth hitting.
  2. Do the ordinary things extraordinarily well.
    1. Become brilliant in the basics.


    2. Teach your team how to execute and hold them accountable daily.
  3. Daily reviews.
    1. Track a summary of daily activities.
    2. Decide what you should be doing daily.
  4. Take care of your people.
    1. Help people get a life after work.
    2. Get people better or get better people.

DVD of The Five Principles Of Execution

I highly recommend you grab yourself a copy of the USB stick that contains these 5 principles along with the entire conference as I could never do justice but can only share my key takeaways from my notes. Go here to get your own copy of the whole conference.


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