The Big Migration


When someone moves from Puerto Rico to the US, they never really look at it as a migration.  After all, Puerto is a US Territory, and all Puerto Ricans are also American citizens.  So, they’re really just relocating, and with that comes new responsibilities as they become a resident of the states.  However, for me and my family, moving to PR feels like a big migration, and I’ll share with you why in the next few paragraphs.

First, I never thought after growing up on the island of Haiti, and after coming to the US that I would be going back to live on a neighboring island.  After 30 years of living in the US, my wife and I heard the calling to move to Puerto Rico to develop businesses, schools, churches, and work with a vision that God has given us.
The vision is still in full progress, but it's the steps that can sometimes cause some trepidation.  Not that I ever had any real fear about coming to live in Puerto Rico with my family.  You see, I had been prepared by having come here to this island for six straight years with my wife.   Now, these were vacation trips, but I always traveled the entire island from one corner to the other. It wasn't until our last trip with the whole clan this year that my wife felt the nudging, well, a strong sense that we're supposed to move to Puerto Rico.
I had to come to a quick realization that this feeling was of the Lord, while I understood that we were not coming here for a perpetual vacation as some may think.  Puerto Rico is a great place to visit and the people are wonderful, and there are plenty of tourists visiting daily all over the island, plus a lot of families migrating back, despite the exodus caused by the economic debacle that brought the island under $74 Billion of debt.
How does that happen, you wonder?  Well, ask the same of how the US and many first world countries are in debt to the tune of trillions?  There is nothing new under the sun.  Men mismanage what's under their care when it's not meant to take care of their own families.  Those in power usually espouse philosophies that seem to benefit the general population at the time because they're looking to become popular - i.e. get re-elected by the people.
So, politicians make promises and bring ideas to fruition that are not necessarily always good for the people or the country for that matter.  I'm sure you've seen it elsewhere.  So what part do I play in all this?  Where does my family fit?  How will we help navigate the ship that is heading for the reefs economically?
This is going to be done by making a difference right where we are with our children, with the churches we lock arms with, with the businesses and jobs we leverage to empower the people.  However, the greatest power available to us, which you have access to, is prayer.  You may think I'm talking about opening your mouth and speaking to God, and I am partially, but the funny thing is that you're praying daily by what you say.
Every day you're uttering words that may not sound religious or spiritual. Nonetheless, you are causing change in your environment by your words, starting with your mindset and how you eventually act based on what you've been telling yourself, or being told.  My point is that all of us have been given this power in our words.  This is nothing new.  Look it up with the likes of Bob Proctor, and many others who are not even religious but have come to understand the power of the mind and mouth!
So, for my wife and I, it starts in what we say.  In reality, it starts with what we believe we can do and what we say about it to make it a reality in our lives.  After all, living in Puerto Rico didn't come by us looking at each other.  We had to say something.  Just like marrying each other came from saying our vows, making a difference in our children's future and other children, men and women of Puerto Rico, is going to come from what we believe and say, and ultimately act on!
While I want to share more about this journey, I'm going to leave it right here and let you yearn for more of what my wife and I are doing on a regular basis in Puerto Rico.  If you want to learn more about our first few days here, just visit her Blog ( which is updated regularly.  You can also follow her on YLDesigns FB Page and YLMompreneurs.  Our Kids also have their own channel called 3KidUTubers, which they also update weekly.
Before I go, I promised to share what it takes to make it in PR or anywhere else for that matter.  It's really about being an entrepreneur.  We've met folks who are leaving PR for one key reason.  They have a job and if that job goes so goes their income.  Others are living PR because they have little kids and want a better education for their children.  Yet, many stay on the island because it's the life they know and that's where their relatives are and they're not willing to go anywhere else, even though they may have a University Degree or other pedigree.
To make it here you have to have vision.  Being an entrepreneur doesn't mean you can't hold a job, but you know it's not the only lifeline you've got.  You have to make decisions that make a difference for your family.  Those decisions include investing in assets that appreciate.  That means you need to know the difference between assets and liabilities.  Since I've been here, I've met one person who really gets this and she's our landlady.  She operates her own businesses and is an investor and knows of the benefits of being an entrepreneur.
In the next post, I'll go in more details describing what it takes to have that entrepreneur mindset and key actions you have to take daily to really qualify and set yourself apart, and not fall apart when economies all around you are falling apart.  Some said my wife and I are pretty daring.  However, remember you only live once, and you owe it to yourself to follow the dreams on your heart.  Most importantly, you owe it to your kids to leave them a legacy of risk-taking, and getting the rewards that come from stepping out on the "water!"

I look forward to your comments and feedback.  Don't hesitate to comment and share your opinions below.

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