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What is the greatest asset

Which Is The Greatest Asset?

Today, I want you to think about which is the greatest asset?  Is it money or time?  You may have other ideas concerning assets, but I’m here to reinforce something you may already know.

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Money is not an asset.

  1. Money is a concept, an idea.
  2. It is a medium of exchange.
  3. Before money existed, people bartered.  They exchanged one thing of value for another.
  4. Money’s value is subjective.  This explains why we hear the value of the dollar changing constantly against other currencies.
  5. The amount of money you make is only proportionate to the amount of value you put in the market.
  6. Your skillset can make you a lot of money, but that alone will not make you rich! (You will have to build a full-time business around that skillset and grow that business effectively.)
  7. People go back to school to increase their skills so they can make a lot more money.
  8. If your skillset becomes obsolete can you still make money?
  9. The middle class and the poor exchange their time for money.
  10. The wealthy have learned to spend as much money to gain their time freedom.

Your time is your greatest asset.

  1. Your time is finite.
  2. Your time is worth more than any amount of money, although on a job you’re setting your time to be worth a certain amount of money.
    1. For example, at $100K per year, one hour is worth only $50!
    2. If you make $400K, your hourly rate is still $200!
    3. I know folks who charge $1000/hour and realize their time is even more valuable.
    4. How MUCH is your time actually worth?  (Don’t try to lock yourself into a number!)
  3. When you value your time you’ll stop watching television and start creating value.
  4. Don’t let anyone waste your time.  (Run from time wasters!)
  5. You can never get time back. (Focus your time on implementing and testing.)
  6. Invest quality time in your spouse and children.
  7. Invest time in ideas that ultimately generate lots of money.
  8. Invest time in building relationships.  (Business is all about building relationships.)
  9. Invest time in your own growth, even if it’s just one hour a day!

Listen to the Podcast above and let me know if this article was worth your time (Just comment below) as my passion is to share the value that I’m receiving through my mentors and teachers as I implement these principles in my own life.


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The Spiritual Entrepreneur

Are You Afraid To Get Started Already?

The Spiritual EntrepreneurAs I am getting ready to release yet another Podcast series, I’m wondering how many of you out there have been waiting to get started on a project, a company, an idea or a product that you know will help others around you.  You have a gift that will bring great value to those who are waiting for your gifts to manifest!  So, I’m here to challenge you today.

When I started my first BLOG, the one thing that I dreaded was lack of consistency!  And to overcome that fear, I would blog daily during the year 2011 into 2012.  I would write something daily, and it was fun.  I found different subjects to cover that really mattered to my readers.  But things have changed since, and now that I’m on my second BLOG, I decided to plunge into a new world, PODCASTING!  Podcasting is not really that new, and frankly this world caught my attention at least 7 years ago.  However, if I had started then, by now, I would have many thousands of listeners on my podcast.   OK, that’s just hindsight.  In reality, back then, I didn’t understand the new market or avenues that opened up when you venture into a new world.  Even on my last BLOG 4 years ago, I knew there was value to it, but still didn’t grasp how to turn it to something material like a real product.

But enough about hindsight, let’s talk about foresight.  It’s amazing how not getting started not only costs you a whole lot, but also the people that were supposed to be exposed to real value through your experience, insight, wisdom, and leadership, etc..  I follow different mentors when it comes to marketing, blogging & branding, and advertising on Social Media.  I follow some  of the best top trainers in the home business industry.  Their gift has made room for them!  Sometimes, I wonder what would happen if those leaders didn’t get started when they were supposed to?  Even if others would emerge, their gifts would be quite different than the ones you subscribe to today.  Sometimes, we dread starting because of many reasons.  Some are legitimate, but most are EXCUSES!

mic2-300x187Get Started Already!

I’m putting it out there, and letting you know that my 2nd Podcast, The Daily Motivator, will go LIVE next week Monday, to add to my first daily podcast, The Spiritual Entrepreneur, which went LIVE on Sunday February 22nd, 2015, and I’m already on Episode 14.  You might be thinking that’s a lot to handle.  Seriously, when you have passion and a conduit, nothing is truly that hard.  The point is whatever you’re working on you need to GET STARTED!  Don’t mean to yell at you (ALL CAPS, LOL), but I simply want to challenge you to put your foot over the line, and get past every excuse that’s been holding you back from launching your next company, writing your new book, or even starting your very own podcast!

The world is waiting for your GIFT to be manifested!  Will you be PERFECT?  Of course not!  But if you don’t start you’ll never be GREAT at what is already your passion.  Go listen to my daily podcast and you’ll hear all my ‘ahm’s’ and ‘you know’s’ but soon as I keep honing my craft daily you’ll barely hear them, and instead focus on the interview and the VALUE that I’m bringing you my listener.

Get Started Now!

ready-set-runMy Challenge to you: GET STARTED IMMEDIATELY!  Decide a date and time, and write the plan.  Circumstances happen to all, but those who persevere with a plan will be the ones showing up at the finish line.  I’m looking for one thing ‘Well done, good and faithful servant!‘  That’s all I look forward to hearing some day and to see the faces of those whom I impacted by allowing my gifts to be perfected under public scrutiny.  I hope you don’t fear other folks’ opinions that much that you won’t put your gift out there for them to enjoy and criticize it at the same time!  JOIN ME!  IT’S YOUR MOVE!

For my latest PODCAST Click Here.


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