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Dave Anderson

The Fourth Discipline Of Execution

Here are three key takeaways in the Fourth Discipline Of Execution from Five Disciplines of Execution by Dave Anderson who runs Learn To Lead. Check out my article on Five Disciplines Of Execution for the complete list.

Dave Anderson presentingDave Anderson on the principles

“These disciplines of execution are principles. They are widely transferable.”

“They are sequential. They are all in, not either or. And they are widely applicable.”

The Fourth Discipline Of Execution

My 3 key takeaways from the Fourth Discipline of Execution: Create A Rhythm Of Accountability.
  1. RAM Meeting – Count the talents.
    1. Keep it short and focused – 5 minutes.
    2. Monitor patterns that reoccur frequently.
  2. Create Accountability.
    1. I care about you – I hold you accountable.
    2. Lack of Accountability creates entitlement.
  3. Build an Earn and Deserve culture.
    1. Earn – to acquire through merit.
    2. Give your best to your best, and less to the rest.

DVD of The Five Principles Of Execution

I highly recommend you grab yourself a copy of the USB stick that contains these 5 principles along with the entire conference as I could never do justice but can only share my key takeaways from my notes. Go here to get your own copy of the whole conference.

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