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Comedian Elizardi Castro

How To Engage Your Audience with Comedian Elizardi Castro

Just came out of a new show of Puerto Rican Comedian Elizardi Castro with my wife Saturday night, and it’s been such a while since I laughed this hard that I even busted my lips in the process.  Yep, a little skin came off my lips because I was laughing so much.  I first saw him in 2012 doing his show “Made in Puerto Rico.”

It was a very good day, busy, but good.  My wife conducted an interview with Elizardi, the Puerto Rican Comedian, and you’ll see it on her blog very soon.  However, having the opportunity to meet Eli up close and personal made it all the more fun.  My kids and I got to hang out in Eli’s parents’ backyard playing whiffle ball while she conducted the interview inside.  His parents are great folks.  At the end, Eli came out to try his hand at whiffle ball.  It’s been a while for him and you can enjoy this little video my wife made of him.
[video_player type=”youtube” youtube_hide_controls=”Y” youtube_remove_logo=”Y” width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly95b3V0dS5iZS9GaGJjY24wVlpjUQ==[/video_player]

Elizardi Castro’s new show is funny.

His new show is real funny.  However, his message is deep and cuts through the tough skin that Caribbean men tend to hang on to.  Even though his show appeals to the Spanglish crowd, I (being of Haitian decent, but married to a Puerto Rican woman) totally enjoyed it.  The first show I watched him perform was ‘Made in Puerto Rico’ which you must see – check here for tickets for the next time it’s showing in NY.

I don’t want to spoil the show for anyone, but his new show ‘SOLO’ is all about him becoming a single father and working his way through his last relationship.  All to say that he’s now a single man again.  However, the depth of the material is what stood out about the genius of this comedian who happens to have been a lawyer in Florida, Illinois and New York.

He shares what he learned in the process during the show, and brought out key revelations that can help anyone going through a breakup in their life. It opened his eyes to the denial, anger, begging, depression and acceptance stages he went through during his breakup, and ultimately how these stages applied to his own life.  He’s following his dream now as a comedian, and not his father’s dream of him being a lawyer, and that’s truly freeing.
At the end of the show he shares how his son looks up to him as his hero, and wants to follow in his father’s footstep as a comedian.  This is something Eli didn’t have with his dad who was a civil engineer.  Nonetheless, he brings forth some powerful life principles of self-discovery and acceptance.  We’ve learned that laughter is good medicine, but I think the real medicine is the self-discovery process you go through while laughter is doing its own work on you. Laughter brings freedom.Comedian Elizardi Castro

The Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, Eli shares that he’d rather be following hard after his dreams than doing time on a job where the only hope is to someday look forward to a pension check.  This was deep because he recognizes that, though an entrepreneur’s life is not always easy, it certainly isn’t boring.  He understands how to engage his audience very well though and will go very far.  You need to always engage your audience.  In my case, I write a Blog and shoot videos and a podcast.  You need to do the same if not more.  After all you must become the authority in your space so you’re top of mind when people are looking for information in that space.

My takeaways were simple but deep.

Be courageous – Not everybody will accept you for who you are.
Be bold – Don’t apologize for who you are and the big dreams you carry.
Do it – The time to contribute to the world and serve others is now.  Your gift will make room for you.
Pass it on – Leave a legacy only by first establishing something of value.  Others will follow.
Be fearless – Similar to being courageous, but keep moving despite the obstacles that will come your way.
Keep dreaming – If you can dream it, you can speak or write it.  Then others will believe it with you and come do it with you.
There are many obstacles to overcome along the way, but the hardest one is a heart that is not committed to the results that must come by putting in the work.  I’m committing myself even more to the work at hand knowing that each strike of my hammer and chisel brings me closer to the final masterpiece.
What about you?  What will push you through to the next steps?  Will you accept what life has dealt you, or will you rise above it and dream more?  And will you step forward fearlessly knowing that truly only you can stop you?  It’s time for you to engage your audience like Comedian Elizardi Castro.  Have no fear to share some of your personal stuff, while being the authority on what works.
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The Wealthy Bring Value To Others First

The Wealthy Bring Value To Others First

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The wealthy bring value to others long before they need to be paid themselves.

What value are you bringing to others so that ultimately you can get paid.  A lot of us hate the rich because they’re seemingly making money hand over fist, but what we tend to disregard is the fact that the value they have created in their products or services is what has made them rich.  Those who are rich have provided jobs, housing, transportation, distribution systems to get food from one place to another, etc.  They usually build large companies to facilitate product and service delivery, and sometimes they partner with governments to get the work done and provide jobs in the process.
glass of money

You’re here because you want to learn to deliver value yourself.

Regardless of your business, your focus is to bring value to as many people as possible.  Some of you are stuck, thinking that if you bring value to a few people and they buy your product then you have it made.  I used to be there, until I realized I need to get my business in front of as many folks as possible for its value to be realized back in terms of the investments I had made.
So until you start putting your value in front of a lot of people you’re not going to see the multiplication that can happen.  And you must be targeted. You may be looking at those who work the pipeline or the distribution system of the rich, and say that they’re not rich, and you’d be right.  The wealthy are those who took the time to think about the pipeline and took most of the risks with the lenders and creditors to help create the distribution system they saw in their mind.

To the wealthy, money is an idea, not necessarily value.

 Currency dictates what money is worth at the moment.  People exchange time for money but money simply represents the value that we agree to.  In societies without money, value is approximated through bartering based on the worth of the items that are being bartered.  Money is a means of exchange, not necessarily value.  The wealthy value their time and they’re willing to pay as much money as possible to delegate as many tasks as possible so they can be free to think about new ideas that can generate even more money.  This is why the rich get richer; not necessarily because the government gives them tax breaks.  The government will of course give tax breaks to those creating jobs, and housing and causing the economy to produce.  Understand those who are in that position are not the people making just a six-figure income yearly.
So how do you buy your time back?  Your time is your greatest asset!  Your products and services are created to help you gain your time back by putting it in front of as many people as possible.
1.  Think about serving a lot of folks at once.
How many are you putting your products in front of?
How many do you plan to put it in front of?
Look, I’m willing to pay FB to publish my posts to more folks, and putting out ads just so my products and services can be in front of as many people as my marketing budget can help me reach for now.
2. How much value do you intend to put out there?
 Ultimately, your focus is to free your time.
3. Connections ultimately create value because money and opportunity are hidden behind each connection.
 When you start thinking you start shifting your paradigm to where you start delivering value.  People are looking for value, and you’re always receiving value yourself.
Remember, don’t give junk, give value!
Did you get value from today’s post?
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The Spiritual Entrepreneur

Are You Afraid To Get Started Already?

The Spiritual EntrepreneurAs I am getting ready to release yet another Podcast series, I’m wondering how many of you out there have been waiting to get started on a project, a company, an idea or a product that you know will help others around you.  You have a gift that will bring great value to those who are waiting for your gifts to manifest!  So, I’m here to challenge you today.

When I started my first BLOG, the one thing that I dreaded was lack of consistency!  And to overcome that fear, I would blog daily during the year 2011 into 2012.  I would write something daily, and it was fun.  I found different subjects to cover that really mattered to my readers.  But things have changed since, and now that I’m on my second BLOG, I decided to plunge into a new world, PODCASTING!  Podcasting is not really that new, and frankly this world caught my attention at least 7 years ago.  However, if I had started then, by now, I would have many thousands of listeners on my podcast.   OK, that’s just hindsight.  In reality, back then, I didn’t understand the new market or avenues that opened up when you venture into a new world.  Even on my last BLOG 4 years ago, I knew there was value to it, but still didn’t grasp how to turn it to something material like a real product.

But enough about hindsight, let’s talk about foresight.  It’s amazing how not getting started not only costs you a whole lot, but also the people that were supposed to be exposed to real value through your experience, insight, wisdom, and leadership, etc..  I follow different mentors when it comes to marketing, blogging & branding, and advertising on Social Media.  I follow some  of the best top trainers in the home business industry.  Their gift has made room for them!  Sometimes, I wonder what would happen if those leaders didn’t get started when they were supposed to?  Even if others would emerge, their gifts would be quite different than the ones you subscribe to today.  Sometimes, we dread starting because of many reasons.  Some are legitimate, but most are EXCUSES!

mic2-300x187Get Started Already!

I’m putting it out there, and letting you know that my 2nd Podcast, The Daily Motivator, will go LIVE next week Monday, to add to my first daily podcast, The Spiritual Entrepreneur, which went LIVE on Sunday February 22nd, 2015, and I’m already on Episode 14.  You might be thinking that’s a lot to handle.  Seriously, when you have passion and a conduit, nothing is truly that hard.  The point is whatever you’re working on you need to GET STARTED!  Don’t mean to yell at you (ALL CAPS, LOL), but I simply want to challenge you to put your foot over the line, and get past every excuse that’s been holding you back from launching your next company, writing your new book, or even starting your very own podcast!

The world is waiting for your GIFT to be manifested!  Will you be PERFECT?  Of course not!  But if you don’t start you’ll never be GREAT at what is already your passion.  Go listen to my daily podcast and you’ll hear all my ‘ahm’s’ and ‘you know’s’ but soon as I keep honing my craft daily you’ll barely hear them, and instead focus on the interview and the VALUE that I’m bringing you my listener.

Get Started Now!

ready-set-runMy Challenge to you: GET STARTED IMMEDIATELY!  Decide a date and time, and write the plan.  Circumstances happen to all, but those who persevere with a plan will be the ones showing up at the finish line.  I’m looking for one thing ‘Well done, good and faithful servant!‘  That’s all I look forward to hearing some day and to see the faces of those whom I impacted by allowing my gifts to be perfected under public scrutiny.  I hope you don’t fear other folks’ opinions that much that you won’t put your gift out there for them to enjoy and criticize it at the same time!  JOIN ME!  IT’S YOUR MOVE!

For my latest PODCAST Click Here.


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Are You Training For Mastery?

When it comes to developing the right mindset as an entrepreneur, the phase called ‘Training‘ will never stop, unless you want to curb your paycheck at some point. Why would anyone want that anyway?

This year, in my quest for mastery, I have already spent thousands of dollars just to get the right training under my belt.  I’ve been renewing my mind, and reminding myself that the old programming cannot solve the issues I’m looking to overcome in my business now.

In the last three months I traveled every month to Chicago to connect with one of my business mentors to learn the right mindset. Mind you, I paid for travel, training, course materials, food, etc.. And you know what? At no point did he say ‘You’re doing such a great job!”

Best Training Around

Training for Mastery with my mentorMy mentor expects me to learn what he’s teaching me, and furthermore to practice what I’m learning so I can ultimately develop to the level of mastery. After all, that’s why I am paying him for, to not only train me, but also to look over my business and challenge the results I’ve chosen.

Last time I saw him, he introduced me to his accountant and asked me to develop a real business plan that represented not only where my business currently is, but where I expect to take it in the next 12 months and beyond.

The gull, you say? Well, this is what mentors are all about. They are there to train you, stretch you and stop you from making costly mistakes along the way.  In short, they want you to reach mastery like they have.

Mastery Is Waiting For You

So, with that in mind, read this next passage with the mindset that one of your mentors is talking to you and challenging your mindset, and your plan of action to reach your short term and long term goals along the way to reaching your true potential.


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Summer Days Are Over

Summer Days Are Over…

Today, the day after Labor Day, it felt as if it were the last day of summer.  Some would say that ‘Summer Days Are Over’, but I digress.  As I enjoyed the sun yet one more time with my wife and children at the beach, I couldn’t stop but think back to the days when I had a full time job.  Let me explain.

My wife grew up in Long Island and loves the water. So, any hot and sunny day we should be at the beach.  When I held a full-time job, we could only do this on a weekend, unless we took a vacation somewhere, like Puerto Rico.  Frankly, this year it’s been great as I’ve stepped completely into my business as an entrepreneur, but not just as one whose business owns them.  In recent years, I’ve also learned that there are so many resources that an entrepreneur can leverage.

You see, on the day after Labor Day, Summer Days Are Over for most folks because they hold a full time job and have no real choice but to show up and start putting in their 40-hour work week regularly until weekends or the next vacation. But there’s a class of entrepreneurs who can still go on and enjoy their summer even while others are back at the grind.

This is not to say that entrepreneurs don’t understand the value of work.  After all, the Creator said ‘Six days you shall work, but on the seventh you shall rest.’  So, this is not about taking a perpetual vacation, but rather to impress upon you that if you embrace entrepreneurship the right way in the 21st century, it has the ability to give you back a lot more time freedom for you and your family.  Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs living with the old mindset still don’t understand that business is really about leverage.

In fact, today at the beach, I met a lady who’s having a hard time convincing her husband, a business owner, that her home based business has the ability to bring this kind of freedom to her family.  The husband is convinced that there’s no better way to earn money than by exchanging time for it.  Keep in mind, he’s working seven days a week to build his clientele in a new city so he can meet his obligations, and that’s honorable. However, that model, even if he employs others to do the work later on, is still predicated on exchanging time for money.

Currently, there’s a breed of entrepreneurs who understand leverage beyond skills and time exchange for money. Frankly after 20 years in the IT Field I’ve discovered the same mindset.  This lady has too and will become very successful at her craft as she’s learning how to leverage her time and ultimately help bring her husband home to enjoy family times once again.  If you’d like to leverage your time, and start building like this lady here are a few tips for you:

1. Nothing worthwhile is built in a day.

2. You must go through failure in order to reach SUCCESS.

3. Your product is not your craft but people.

If you want to learn more about becoming an entrepreneur here are some great resources to get you started here.

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Are you an Entrepreneur?

How do you define an entrepreneur?  Do you know anyone who claims to be one vs. someone you know is a true entrepreneur?  Are you an entrepreneur?

Many people claim to be entrepreneurs, but they don’t fully understand the meaning of the word.  To be an entrepreneur requires at least some of the following characteristics.

  1. Becoming a critical thinker
  2. Thinking on your feet
  3. Developing a mindset to recognize opportunity
  4. Having a long term vision
  5. Constantly finding opportunity to create wealth with others

There are many more characteristics, but these are just a few that I think warrant the time of anyone who’s looking to develop into an entrepreneur.  Understand that school doesn’t teach you to become an entrepreneur.  They can help you develop a critical eye to some extent.  However, many students end up coming out of college without ever having developed true critical thinking.  They just accept whatever they’re told as the truth because they never researched it.

Thinking on your feet is what is required of those who want to stay on top when someone else changes the rules of the game.  For example, when the tax code was changed to tax the rich more, they quickly found new tax shelters, because they understand the value of their resources and won’t simply let that slip so easily out of their hands.

Many people have yet to develop the mindset to recognize opportunity.  I know of a young man who at 10 years old started buying his own ATM machines and now owns 10 ATM machines at 13 years old grossing $6,000/year.  In the space of 4 years he’s paid for his initial investment, which means should he decide to go to college at 18, he has already gathered at least 10% of his yearly tuition at some Ivy League school.

But most of us don’t have such long term vision, which is always required of the entrepreneur because you must create assets that in turn [hclightbox id=”7″ text=”create a stream of income”].

Last, as an entrepreneur, you must learn to develop relationships that lead to new products and services.  It’s not rare to see other entrepreneurs coming together in their own Mastermind groups looking to synergize and choose new results.

Having only touched the tip of the iceberg here, I promise you we’ll look at more characteristics of the entrepreneur in a few more articles.  Your best course of action is to start reading books that expose you to the Entrepreneur mindset and how you can choose the right results that put on the path to developing your own entrepreneurial spirit.

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Entrepreneur On The Move


PierresAvatarWelcome to my new BLOG.  On this blog, you’ll find all kind of business information for the budding entrepreneur.  Entrepreneur On The Move will get you moving from an apprentice business person to a seasoned entrepreneur and having the lifestyle you desire.

Welcome aboard.
Pierre Laguerre
The Editor

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