Is It Possible To Get 10-15 Leads On My Website Daily?
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Is It Possible To Get 10-15 Leads On My Website Daily?

The difference between a static and an interactive site, and why you need the latter.


Today, most websites are pretty much static.  Even when there’s a lead capture page it doesn’t usually speak to the visitor.  Do visitors really want to join your mailing list?  Not unless they see real value in it.  As you can bear witness, everyone of us already has too much email clogging our inboxes.  Take heart as there’s a a way to get more leads/prospects by leveraging your current website.


So, what’s a business owner to do?  What is the most effective way to build a list of prospects ready to buy your product or service?  Basically,  It starts by you giving them value.  When someone stops by your website they have the opportunity to not only learn about your product and/or service, but also to learn about what sets you apart from your competitors.  There's another aspect that I shall cover in another article, but it's you as the website owner getting some information from the prospect on their level of interest.


First, most sites don’t receive traffic because most business owners think that once they build a website people will find it automatically.  The days of organic traffic are dead.  The reason is because there are too many other competitors in your field with a similar website and with key words in google trying to get free traffic, or with a Facebook page.  However, once you understand where your target market is spending most of their time online, it will be easy to target them and bring them to your site.Traffic Flow


So what sets the interactive site apart from the static brochure that characterizes most websites?  First, clients with an interactive site understand that as long as they’re driving traffic to their site, they need to have multiple ways to capture the basic information of those interested in their products.  But where do you get traffic?  You must leverage platforms like Facebook/Instagram/Twitter or YouTube today to get traffic to your site.  Your target market is hanging out on these platforms and if they’re professionals working in major corporations they may be found also on LinkedIn.  Won’t advertising cost me money?  It sure will.  However, you have a choice.  You can keep a static brochure online or you can leverage advertising to get your message in front of as many eyeballs as possible.


Remember that your website is online 24/7, but you’ll probably only meet prospects for your products and services only a few times a week, if you’re actively looking for them.  However, your ads can also be out there like sales reps telling people who have shown interest in your  your product/service 24×7.


So, how do I make my site interactive?  Shouldn’t I simply ask leads to join my mailing list?  Glad you asked.  As I already shared, you must educate someone when they come to your website by sharing with them a real irresistible offer.  If you have a cheat sheet, a PDF, an Audio Recording, or something that actually serves the visitor, then it’s going to be easy for them to exchange their email address for your offer.  Usually, for every 100 people that visit your site, 3 or more should become a lead.  If your offer is dialed in and your ad is going to your target market, then that number should be way higher like 10-25 at a time.  This happens especially when you leverage a landing page and a funnelSales Funnel

.When someone takes your free offer, they’re telling you that they’re a potential client.  So, the best thing you need to do is to follow up, not just with an autoresponder, but with an ongoing conversation invitation which happens through an email follow up sequence that keeps them interested in your offer and eventually bring them closer as a potential client.

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