How To Win In Business – DO IT

How To Win In Business – DO IT

Art Williams
Art Williams

If you've been an entrepreneur for any length of time you know that some folks just have a knack at giving you and themselves excuses why they're not having SUCCESS.  There's no one more qualified to give your team member or business partners a kick in the butt than Art Williams.  Below, I've recorded 9 of the business principles he shared during his speech to the NRB in 1987.  For a quick biography click on the button below. [content_toggle style=”1″ label=”Show Art's Biography” hide_label=”Hide Biography”]

In 1967, Art Williams happily lived out his dream as a winning high school football coach in Columbus, Georgia. Then One day Art learned a shocking truth- whole life insurance was a “rip-off” and inexpensive term insurance was almost never sold.

Families across America were making the same awful mistake that had devastated his own family- overpaying for a product that left them poor in the wallet and desperately underinsured. Art did something no one else before him had done- he challenged a stagnant insurance industry with a better product…and a revolutionary way of selling to families who needed help.

Possibly the most successful network marketing company of all time, Primerica was founded by Art Williams and in the process many part time school teachers, firemen and policemen became multi-millionaires doing a good thing for the families they converted from expensive whole life insurance to the better more effective term life.

Art is the guy who DID IT! Not just an author, but a business founder and his advice comes from building a major company from a “peanut” of 85 folks.

The “Coach” teaches and shares the breathtaking saga of “average-ordinary” people who teamed up to do the impossible. In the history of American business, there's never been a story quite like it.
Source: – Art Williams – Author's Page.


Here is my excerpt from his speech. The last part on ‘DO IT' is pretty much verbatim!  Enjoy and share.

Art Williams – How to win in business – “DO IT” speech at the National Religious Broadcasters Address 1987
You can watch the video here too
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1st Find a need – fill a need.  Define your target market

To Win BIG you must differentiate yourself from your competition
By far you need mental toughness.
The difference between winning and losing is so small.
Today's College Degree about business is not worth the paper it's written on because 1/2 of the college professors deal with theory.

Develop the Winning Edge and mental toughness.

1. Get Excited to win – 90%+ of what you do must be exciting.
People won't follow a cry-baby.
Everybody can stay excited for 2 to 3 months, and some for 2 – 3 years, but a winner will stay excited for 30 years or however long it takes to win!
2. Become a dreamer again.
For a church to be a great church you have to have a dream or you're dead.
In order to win you must feel good about yourself.
Coached football in Georgia.
If any kid said I can't – Get to the coaches office and get 3 licks from their colleague.
Every time his child said I can't he made him do 3 pushups.
3. You have to stand for something.
You have to find a salesperson that will tell you the truth.
In the free enterprise system you have to stand for something.
4. You'll be controversial.
The only way out of that is to be average and ordinary.
Art is a tough butt.  You can be tough and good at the same time.
“I bet nobody's ever talk to religious broadcasters like that before.”
5. You have to make a total commitment to what you're about.
You may have many false starts but you must get up one more time and it's that ability that will determine success or failure.
Don't stick your toe in it.
The first step is to make that total commitment and that will give you the extra ounce of courage you need to fight in the tough times.
It's just like in marriage.
Art got married in college and had kids with his high school sweetheart.  He loves her but he doesn't like her all the time – He's not happy about some things that Angela does.  But she also tells him ‘Art, you ain't got no class.  I wish you could learn to eat with your mouth closed.'  Despite all these differences Art and Angela are committed to their marriage.
6. You have to learn to treat people good.
Get to know your employees and their families.
Corporate America doesn't do this well.  Treat them good and learn to love them.
Everybody wants you to make them feel special.
7. You have to establish the right priorities.
He went in business with ITT first.  He wanted to go back to coaching.
He got promoted and found that many of his heroes lives were disasters.  They were alcoholics and some divorced more than once.
Read “In Search of Excellence” and found about “tunnel vision”.
15 years later a multi-millionaire, he's got some great advice for you:
God's gotta come first
Your family has to come second
Business has to come third.
A lousy spiritual and personal life will be devastating to your business in the long range.
8. The Heart of the Champion – Go for it.
My butt's always burning.
What the $500K/yr person do, the $50K person a year doesn't do.
He pays the price a little bit more, he saves a little bit more.
9. Gotta be a leader – Leadership is everything.
Show me anything that works and I'll show something run by a leader.
Smart people – spend their life figuring things out – easier and quicker way.
2nd they don't get around to doing nothing.
Almost everybody in America just does enough to win.
They almost get there.
They're almost over the hump
They have it going.
The winners do it.
They do whatever it takes to get the job done.
They do it, and do it and do it, and do it, and do it, and do it, until the job gets done.
And then they talk about how great it is to be somebody they're proud of.
We need leaders in America who can do it.
If you want to become somebody, DO IT.
If you want to go in business for yourself, DO IT.
If you want to become financially independent, DO IT.
(Excerpt VERBATIM from the video)
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I hear too much talk in these United States.
Everybody can talk a good game.
We need people in America who can do it.
I go all over this country with A. L. Williams, and I have people say
‘Art, you can count on me.'
Wonderful. Just DO IT!
‘Art, I can tell you this is my last stop.  I'm gonna win now.'
Super-duper. Just DO IT!
‘Art, if I can just have one good month and get the ball going I know I can make it big.'
Super. Just DO IT!
‘Art, if I can just pay off this debt, I can really go.'
Greaaaaat. Just DO IT!
‘Art, if I can just sell my house.'
‘But houses ain't selling.'
DO IT anyway!
Art, I'm not making any money, what can I do?
You just DO IT!
‘Do what, Art?'
You DO IT, and DO IT, and DO IT, and DO IT.
‘Art, I guarantee, I'm gonna win this contest.'
Super-duper. Just DO IT!
‘Art, I'm over the hump now. Watch my smoke.'
Greaaaaat. Just DO IT!
‘Art, I want to make it so bad, I can taste it. What I do?'
You just DO IT!
‘Art, I'm a Vice-President now. Can I quit doing it?'
‘Art, I don't know if I can keep on keeping on.  I'm really hurting. What I do?'
You just DO IT!
‘Do what Art?'
You DO IT, and DO IT, and DO IT.
‘Art, all my life, I wanted to be somebody important.'
DO IT then.
‘Art, I'm gonna save money, so I don't have to go through this again.'
Greaaaaat. Just DO IT!
‘Art, I don't feel like I've had enough training. What I do?'
You just DO IT!
‘Art, my manager don't give me no help. What I do?'
You just DO IT!
‘Art, you don't understand. I was Mr. Everything in my former company.  You don't mean I have to start at the bottom and do it, do you?'
Yep, you really gotta do it.  (laughter)
‘Art, Art, what's the primary difference between winners and losers?'
The winners do it.
They DO IT, and DO IT, and DO IT, and DO IT until the job gets done.  And then they talk about how great it is to have finally achieved something unique, and how glad they are that they didn't quit like everybody else, and how wonderful it is to be finally somebody they're proud of, and make a difference with their life.
Thank you.


So, in that vein, I invite you to watch the video if you haven't already and to Just GO DO IT, and DO IT, and DO IT, and DO IT, until you're one of the winners who still DO IT!


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