How To Engage Your Audience with Comedian Elizardi Castro

How To Engage Your Audience with Comedian Elizardi Castro

Just came out of a new show of Puerto Rican Comedian Elizardi Castro with my wife Saturday night, and it's been such a while since I laughed this hard that I even busted my lips in the process.  Yep, a little skin came off my lips because I was laughing so much.  I first saw him in 2012 doing his show “Made in Puerto Rico.”

It was a very good day, busy, but good.  My wife conducted an interview with Elizardi, the Puerto Rican Comedian, and you'll see it on her blog very soon.  However, having the opportunity to meet Eli up close and personal made it all the more fun.  My kids and I got to hang out in Eli's parents' backyard playing whiffle ball while she conducted the interview inside.  His parents are great folks.  At the end, Eli came out to try his hand at whiffle ball.  It's been a while for him and you can enjoy this little video my wife made of him.
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Elizardi Castro's new show is funny.

His new show is real funny.  However, his message is deep and cuts through the tough skin that Caribbean men tend to hang on to.  Even though his show appeals to the Spanglish crowd, I (being of Haitian decent, but married to a Puerto Rican woman) totally enjoyed it.  The first show I watched him perform was ‘Made in Puerto Rico' which you must see – check here for tickets for the next time it's showing in NY.

I don't want to spoil the show for anyone, but his new show ‘SOLO' is all about him becoming a single father and working his way through his last relationship.  All to say that he's now a single man again.  However, the depth of the material is what stood out about the genius of this comedian who happens to have been a lawyer in Florida, Illinois and New York.

He shares what he learned in the process during the show, and brought out key revelations that can help anyone going through a breakup in their life. It opened his eyes to the denial, anger, begging, depression and acceptance stages he went through during his breakup, and ultimately how these stages applied to his own life.  He's following his dream now as a comedian, and not his father's dream of him being a lawyer, and that's truly freeing.
At the end of the show he shares how his son looks up to him as his hero, and wants to follow in his father's footstep as a comedian.  This is something Eli didn't have with his dad who was a civil engineer.  Nonetheless, he brings forth some powerful life principles of self-discovery and acceptance.  We've learned that laughter is good medicine, but I think the real medicine is the self-discovery process you go through while laughter is doing its own work on you. Laughter brings freedom.Comedian Elizardi Castro

The Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, Eli shares that he'd rather be following hard after his dreams than doing time on a job where the only hope is to someday look forward to a pension check.  This was deep because he recognizes that, though an entrepreneur's life is not always easy, it certainly isn't boring.  He understands how to engage his audience very well though and will go very far.  You need to always engage your audience.  In my case, I write a Blog and shoot videos and a podcast.  You need to do the same if not more.  After all you must become the authority in your space so you're top of mind when people are looking for information in that space.

My takeaways were simple but deep.

Be courageous – Not everybody will accept you for who you are.
Be bold – Don't apologize for who you are and the big dreams you carry.
Do it – The time to contribute to the world and serve others is now.  Your gift will make room for you.
Pass it on – Leave a legacy only by first establishing something of value.  Others will follow.
Be fearless – Similar to being courageous, but keep moving despite the obstacles that will come your way.
Keep dreaming – If you can dream it, you can speak or write it.  Then others will believe it with you and come do it with you.
There are many obstacles to overcome along the way, but the hardest one is a heart that is not committed to the results that must come by putting in the work.  I'm committing myself even more to the work at hand knowing that each strike of my hammer and chisel brings me closer to the final masterpiece.
What about you?  What will push you through to the next steps?  Will you accept what life has dealt you, or will you rise above it and dream more?  And will you step forward fearlessly knowing that truly only you can stop you?  It's time for you to engage your audience like Comedian Elizardi Castro.  Have no fear to share some of your personal stuff, while being the authority on what works.
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