Are You Drifting From The Plan?

Astronaut Drifting in Orbit

Are You Drifting From The Plan?

Astronaut driftingWhen President John F. Kennedy announced that the US was going to put a man on the moon, NASA suddenly found itself facing some real challenges, the least of which being putting a man on the moon by the end the decade.  The most important part was “returning him safely to the Earth.”  So, what does all this have to do with drifting?
It would be tough to miss the moon if you're shooting for it, but it would also be quite easy to miss, seeing that a rocket needs constant adjustment from drifting. It has been said that a rocket is on target less than 60 seconds for every hour that it's traveling.  This means on a trip that takes 3 days when it's manned, the spaceship is on target less than 5% of the time!  If this is not constantly adjusted then the lunar module would never reach the moon.
Like the rocket, the car you drive needs constant adjusting too.  If you don't believe this, next time you're on a straight highway do this 3-5 second experiment (with no traffic around you, of course) just let go of the wheel and see how quickly your car departs from the lane.  I'm sure some of you have experienced this while eating in your car, and had to let go of the wheel for a just a couple of seconds.

Are you Drifting in Life?

Car DriftingDrifting is somewhat inevitable in life, which is why you must be constantly re-adjusting your focus.  If you find yourself drifting from the plan you laid out it's usually because something else is starting to dominate your vision instead of the original plans you made.

I just came from a great convention in Las Vegas, and everyone got a great reminder by the keynote speaker that the focus must be on the one thing that gets our business moving forward.  As straightforward as he was, many of us will return home and soon drift from our primary focus.
When it comes to working in a corporate environment the stakeholders put in place a yearly or bi-yearly review process to make sure that every team member is on target with achieving their goals?  However, when you're in business for yourself, it's a different game altogether.  You owe it to yourself to focus on what yields results.  You can't just wing it.  You must review the plan daily, weekly, monthly!  In short you must revisit your plan on a regular basis if you don't want to drift far from the path that leads to results.

What's Your Plan?

Are you drifting from the plan that was set for you, or the plan you agreed to move forward with?  If so, it's necessary to put in place some blinders just saw you can keep moving forward towards your focus.  Horses do quite well with blinders and so can you.  These blinders can be a daily schedule, which includes a plan to review how well you're progressing.  That review can happen daily, or weekly, but it must happen often enough like a hand on the wheel keeping the vehicle from departing from the lane.
Whether you have a wealth plan, a health plan or a lunar landing plan, you'll never reach your target until you set it in front of you, and constantly review how much closer you're getting.  Your list may include achieving certain pin levels within your company.  However, this won't happen until you focus, and work the plan daily to reach your planned destination.  It's time to stop drifting from your plan.

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