The First Discipline Of Execution

The First Discipline Of Execution

At the Provision Entrepreneurs Conference I learned about the Five Disciplines Of Execution by Dave Anderson who runs Learn To Lead.  Today, I'll share the first of the 5 and my key takeaways.
Check out my article on The Five Disciplines Of Execution for the complete list.

To reiterate what Dave Anderson said, these disciplines of execution are principles. They are widely transferable.
They are sequential.  They are all in, not either or.  And they are widely applicable.

The First Discipline Of Execution

Here are my 3 key takeaways from the first discipline of execution which says: Focus Fanatically On The Ultimate Few (TUFs).
  1. Where are we?  Where will we be and by when?
    1. Many times we don't look at the destination in mind when executing.  It's important to know our starting point, our destination and a certain time by which we'll get there.
    2. A lot of us get lost on the highway by the distractions along the way.  This is not the intended destination.  Start with the end in mind.
  2. If everything is important then nothing is important.
    1. Such a true principle.  I'm sure you got lost before in looking at everything you had to do during the day and forgot the key essentials.
    2. Darren Hardy mentions the need to focus on the essential few, and to delegate the stuff that is costing you more time and money to someone who's up to the task.  Dave Anderson goes one step further by speaking on the fact that you can only really focus on just a few of those during the day, and you must choose carefully what you think is priority.
  3. Opportunity doesn't equal obligation.
    1. I don't know how often someone came by your office and asked you to join a committee or perform some work that wasn't important to your end results.
    2. Don't think you are obligated to drop everything just to do their stuff.  You must focus and remain steady on what must be created that day.

DVD of The Provision Entrepreneurs Conference

I highly recommend you grab yourself a copy of the USB stick that contains these 5 principles along with the entire conference as I could never do justice but can only share my key takeaways from my notes. Go here to get your own copy of the whole conference.


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