Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2

Tonight, my wife and I had the pleasure to go watch the sneak preview of ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2‘ at the movie theater.  As always, I’m drawing a lesson or two from every book and movie.  This one was no different.  I got two major lessons  from this movie. The first lesson:  Find…

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Are You Training For Mastery?

When it comes to developing the right mindset as an entrepreneur, the phase called ‘Training‘ will never stop, unless you want to curb your paycheck at some point. Why would anyone want that anyway? This year, in my quest for mastery, I have already spent thousands of dollars just to get the right training under…

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Who's Training You?

Who Is Training You?

Who’s training you?  Who’s putting the pressure on you to get you to go the extra mile, which you’re capable of doing? Who’s telling you that you are able to do all things?  That there are no limits? And that you’re one idea away from your next fortune? Who exactly is challenging your old mindset? Somebody…

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Costly Rock

How Much Does That Rock Cost?

People buy “rocks” daily in the Diamond District of New York City and other places online.  But did you know that some rocks though seeming worthless can cost you more than they’re worth? Here I was on the road to Chicago a couple weeks ago with one of my business partners, and while in Indiana…

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Summer Days Are Over

Summer Days Are Over…

Today, the day after Labor Day, it felt as if it were the last day of summer.  Some would say that ‘Summer Days Are Over’, but I digress.  As I enjoyed the sun yet one more time with my wife and children at the beach, I couldn’t stop but think back to the days when…

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Are you an Entrepreneur?

How do you define an entrepreneur?  Do you know anyone who claims to be one vs. someone you know is a true entrepreneur?  Are you an entrepreneur? Many people claim to be entrepreneurs, but they don’t fully understand the meaning of the word.  To be an entrepreneur requires at least some of the following characteristics.…

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Entrepreneur On The Move


Welcome to my new BLOG.  On this blog, you’ll find all kind of business information for the budding entrepreneur.  Entrepreneur On The Move will get you moving from an apprentice business person to a seasoned entrepreneur and having the lifestyle you desire. Welcome aboard. Pierre Laguerre The Editor

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