3 Reasons Why Your Marketing Sucks!

3 Reasons Why Your Marketing Sucks!

Marketing is my passion, and as I’m consistently learning and implementing new strategies,  I share more about them, especially if when I can help a business owner improve by using newly tested and proven strategies.  I’ve studied marketing for years, and lately I’ve been helping other businesses to improve their reach into their target audience.  If you’re a business owner, an affiliate marketer, Internet marketer or home business owner this article is definitely right up your alley!  So, listen up, you might actually learn something.

So, you have a product, and you either own a company or represent one. Everyone starts there.  Either way, you’ve been thrust into marketing a product or service.  However, where the winners leave the laggards behind is revealed in the next 3 strategies to help improve your results if your marketing sucks!

1. You Are Not Giving Enough Value. (ENGAGE Your Audience)
Yes, you have a product and/or service to offer, but you’re not communicating its benefits to your market.  You’re only out to make a sale, and people can smell it coming a mile away.  First, the world doesn’t revolve around your product or service.  You must get out of your own way and find out what matters to your prospects.  What do they need?  What do they want?  To give value you must actually care about other people, and seek to meet their needs with your solution.  So, take a step back, get off your selling box and understand that people love to buy, but hate to be sold.  It’s just like the contractors that come to your door telling you they’re doing some work in your neighborhood, and they want to give you an estimate!  I never asked for one.  Did you even check my interest level first?  Wait, it’s like going from the first date to a one-night stand!  That just doesn’t work!  KNOW THIS: People usually buy from people they know, like and trust.

The best way for you to develop a relationship is to give value consistently.  What skills do you have?  How can you serve a community with those skills or talents?  For example, my daily Podcast, The Spiritual Entrepreneur, is one place, besides this Blog, where I can share value with my listeners and readers.

Facebook PPC Live2. You Don’t Know How To Generate Leads.
So, if you’re not giving people value, it’s going to be near impossible to generate a lead (someone who’s actually interested enough in what you have to say and wants to hear more.  Many marketers out there don’t know the first thing about generating a lead.  Posting on your personal FB page that you’re selling a product or offering a service is the first sign that you’re an amateur!  Is it OK to tell your peeps you have a business?  Of course, it’s OK.  At first, that may be the only way some friends and family will ever find out.  However, if you’re into building a company and want to create an empire in the long term, you’re going to have to create an official Fan Page or Business Page and start finding the people who actually care to follow and then start sharing the value.  But it goes beyond this.  To generate a lead, you have to bring your people to a capture page where you’re sharing value and they’ll opt-in if they see value.  There are many Capture Page Systems out there, and you need to avail yourself of one of them.

To Access A Free Capture Page System, Click Here.

3. Building A List Is Not A Priority.
In any business Customer Acquisition is the lifeblood, and then retention.  But if you’re not even generating leads, when will you have a customer list of folks that know you, like you and buy from you?  See, you’re missing the boat by a wide mile if List Building is not a priority.  Some of you know this is key, but you still don’t have any Lead Magnet on your site to help someone connect with you as a lead.  Understand that emails are not the only list either, but that’s for another article.  You must have an AutoResponder, and there are many available to help with your list building effort.  My current favorites are Aweber, and MailChimp.  While MailChimp starts out free and connects with various Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Aweber gives you tools that are one sophistication level higher in dealing with your lists and creating conversation to keep your customers and leads engaged.  However, it’s not enough to have the tool, you must have ongoing communication with your audience if you plan to improve multiple conversions from leads to customers.

4.  BONUS – You’re Not Asking For Feedback. (ENGAGE even more)
Your target audience has many other folks they can buy from, and sometimes you may be sitting in your ivory tower putting out articles and podcasts and videos and ebooks, but you forget to ask them whether any of that matters to them.  Feedback is an opportunity for you audience to engage with you even more.  This gives you the opportunity to go back to the drawing board and tweak your content to better engage your audience.  You’re constantly finding out what matters to your customers, and as a result you’ll end up serving them in the best way possible.

So, if you got VALUE today, please comment below and let me know what you’d like to hear more about when it comes to marketing.  I’m starting a series to help especially the business owners whether they have home businesses or Internet based businesses or brick and mortar to help reach a larger target audience and expand their customer base in the process.

To Learn More Lead Generation Strategies with PPC Marketing, Click Here.

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The Spiritual Entrepreneur

Are You Afraid To Get Started Already?

The Spiritual EntrepreneurAs I am getting ready to release yet another Podcast series, I’m wondering how many of you out there have been waiting to get started on a project, a company, an idea or a product that you know will help others around you.  You have a gift that will bring great value to those who are waiting for your gifts to manifest!  So, I’m here to challenge you today.

When I started my first BLOG, the one thing that I dreaded was lack of consistency!  And to overcome that fear, I would blog daily during the year 2011 into 2012.  I would write something daily, and it was fun.  I found different subjects to cover that really mattered to my readers.  But things have changed since, and now that I’m on my second BLOG, I decided to plunge into a new world, PODCASTING!  Podcasting is not really that new, and frankly this world caught my attention at least 7 years ago.  However, if I had started then, by now, I would have many thousands of listeners on my podcast.   OK, that’s just hindsight.  In reality, back then, I didn’t understand the new market or avenues that opened up when you venture into a new world.  Even on my last BLOG 4 years ago, I knew there was value to it, but still didn’t grasp how to turn it to something material like a real product.

But enough about hindsight, let’s talk about foresight.  It’s amazing how not getting started not only costs you a whole lot, but also the people that were supposed to be exposed to real value through your experience, insight, wisdom, and leadership, etc..  I follow different mentors when it comes to marketing, blogging & branding, and advertising on Social Media.  I follow some  of the best top trainers in the home business industry.  Their gift has made room for them!  Sometimes, I wonder what would happen if those leaders didn’t get started when they were supposed to?  Even if others would emerge, their gifts would be quite different than the ones you subscribe to today.  Sometimes, we dread starting because of many reasons.  Some are legitimate, but most are EXCUSES!

mic2-300x187Get Started Already!

I’m putting it out there, and letting you know that my 2nd Podcast, The Daily Motivator, will go LIVE next week Monday, to add to my first daily podcast, The Spiritual Entrepreneur, which went LIVE on Sunday February 22nd, 2015, and I’m already on Episode 14.  You might be thinking that’s a lot to handle.  Seriously, when you have passion and a conduit, nothing is truly that hard.  The point is whatever you’re working on you need to GET STARTED!  Don’t mean to yell at you (ALL CAPS, LOL), but I simply want to challenge you to put your foot over the line, and get past every excuse that’s been holding you back from launching your next company, writing your new book, or even starting your very own podcast!

The world is waiting for your GIFT to be manifested!  Will you be PERFECT?  Of course not!  But if you don’t start you’ll never be GREAT at what is already your passion.  Go listen to my daily podcast and you’ll hear all my ‘ahm’s’ and ‘you know’s’ but soon as I keep honing my craft daily you’ll barely hear them, and instead focus on the interview and the VALUE that I’m bringing you my listener.

Get Started Now!

ready-set-runMy Challenge to you: GET STARTED IMMEDIATELY!  Decide a date and time, and write the plan.  Circumstances happen to all, but those who persevere with a plan will be the ones showing up at the finish line.  I’m looking for one thing ‘Well done, good and faithful servant!‘  That’s all I look forward to hearing some day and to see the faces of those whom I impacted by allowing my gifts to be perfected under public scrutiny.  I hope you don’t fear other folks’ opinions that much that you won’t put your gift out there for them to enjoy and criticize it at the same time!  JOIN ME!  IT’S YOUR MOVE!

For my latest PODCAST Click Here.


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A trend line

What Is A Trend?

In this four part series on The Importance of Trends, we’re going to delve into part 1: What is a Trend?

  1. What is a trend?

    1. a general direction in which something is developing or changing
    2. a fashion (latest trends in style, mode, mania, vogue)
    3. subject of many posts on a social media site in a short time
    4. In business – 
      1. a pattern
      2. a general tendency to move in a certain direction
      3. usually a line or curve shows the trendIdentify some trends and dialogue with us below on the different trends you know about

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Crab in hand

8 Rules of Customer Retention

Crabs caught in netHave you ever caught crabs?  Many people who catch crabs have no plan on what to do next.  Last time I caught crabs, I put them in a bucket but had no plan on cooking them.  So they ended up right back in the river from whence they came.

In business, many have no plan on what to do with a customer after he’s come through the door, either online or in person.  I had always learned as a Sales person that every time a customer buys from you he’s casting a vote of confidence for your business (whether product or service).  Of course, this means they trust and like you.

Do You Have a Customer Retention Plan?

So, do you have a customer retention plan [easyazon_image add_to_cart=”default” align=”left” asin=”188516730X” cloaking=”default” height=”160″ localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51XT97DEF5L._SL160_.jpg” tag=”entonthemov-20″ width=”105″]? Do you plan to keep the client updated on your latest products and services?  Do you plan to send them regular communiques?  This is a process that cannot be overlooked.  Your client is the easiest prospect for your new product or service, seeing he’s already trusting you with his money once before.
Large companies have CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software just to track the customers and understand not only what products they’re buying, but to regularly communicate with the customer and deal with their issues.
If your customers come and get one product or service and never to return, then your business is just a revolving door.  You need to devise a retention and customer growth plan.  Most have a customer acquisition plan, but no real customer growth plan.
Now a growth plan entails having some lever of Support.  Customer Care can make or break your business.  Let me explain.  Most new entrepreneurs focus on getting a new customer, and that’s understandable, especially since they’re new in their business.  However, a growth or retention plan will help your client acquire more of your products or services.

The Rules of Customer Retention

Crabs in BucketCustomers, by definition, are in the custom of buying from vendors.  Is it alright for them to develop that custom with you?  It better be!  They will be buying more and some vendors understand this very well.  Take the case of Amazon. Read the latest: The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon  They understand the process.  Here’s a simple part of their plan:
  1. Acquire a customer – Make sure to retrieve the customer info; get their name, email, address, payment info.
  2. Connect with the customer – Have them connect to a portal with a password once they order their first product.
  3. Thank a customer – Send nice thank you notes for every purchase.
  4. Upsell/Cross-sell a customer – During the buying process, suggest related items to what the customer bought.  This can also be included in the email thank you notes.
  5. Keep a wish list – This is like a “lay-away” but it never leaves the door.  However, every time the customer returns they can see what they’d like to acquire.
  6. Maintain updated Shopping Cart – Just because you leave the site doesn’t mean they have to empty your shopping cart, and they’ll keep it stocked for up to 90 days!
  7. Send Updates on new products – Similar process with the Fire – Just go to Amazon’s site and see it ready for you to shop.
  8. Send Updates on new services – Most people signed up for Amazon Prime because they either received an email from Amazon or next time they went to the site it was prominently displayed.
If Amazon can do this, what about you?  Do you have simple steps related to customer retention?  If not, you should review the 8 rules above, and see which ones you need to implement immediately so your business is less of a revolving door.

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Astronaut Drifting in Orbit

Are You Drifting From The Plan?

Astronaut driftingWhen President John F. Kennedy announced that the US was going to put a man on the moon, NASA suddenly found itself facing some real challenges, the least of which being putting a man on the moon by the end the decade.  The most important part was “returning him safely to the Earth.”  So, what does all this have to do with drifting?
It would be tough to miss the moon if you’re shooting for it, but it would also be quite easy to miss, seeing that a rocket needs constant adjustment from drifting. It has been said that a rocket is on target less than 60 seconds for every hour that it’s traveling.  This means on a trip that takes 3 days when it’s manned, the spaceship is on target less than 5% of the time!  If this is not constantly adjusted then the lunar module would never reach the moon.
Like the rocket, the car you drive needs constant adjusting too.  If you don’t believe this, next time you’re on a straight highway do this 3-5 second experiment (with no traffic around you, of course) just let go of the wheel and see how quickly your car departs from the lane.  I’m sure some of you have experienced this while eating in your car, and had to let go of the wheel for a just a couple of seconds.

Are you Drifting in Life?

Car DriftingDrifting is somewhat inevitable in life, which is why you must be constantly re-adjusting your focus.  If you find yourself drifting from the plan you laid out it’s usually because something else is starting to dominate your vision instead of the original plans you made.

I just came from a great convention in Las Vegas, and everyone got a great reminder by the keynote speaker that the focus must be on the one thing that gets our business moving forward.  As straightforward as he was, many of us will return home and soon drift from our primary focus.
When it comes to working in a corporate environment the stakeholders put in place a yearly or bi-yearly review process to make sure that every team member is on target with achieving their goals?  However, when you’re in business for yourself, it’s a different game altogether.  You owe it to yourself to focus on what yields results.  You can’t just wing it.  You must review the plan daily, weekly, monthly!  In short you must revisit your plan on a regular basis if you don’t want to drift far from the path that leads to results.

What’s Your Plan?

Are you drifting from the plan that was set for you, or the plan you agreed to move forward with?  If so, it’s necessary to put in place some blinders just saw you can keep moving forward towards your focus.  Horses do quite well with blinders and so can you.  These blinders can be a daily schedule, which includes a plan to review how well you’re progressing.  That review can happen daily, or weekly, but it must happen often enough like a hand on the wheel keeping the vehicle from departing from the lane.
Whether you have a wealth plan, a health plan or a lunar landing plan, you’ll never reach your target until you set it in front of you, and constantly review how much closer you’re getting.  Your list may include achieving certain pin levels within your company.  However, this won’t happen until you focus, and work the plan daily to reach your planned destination.  It’s time to stop drifting from your plan.

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Las Vegas Nights

Vegas, Business or Pleasure?

There’s nothing like going to Las Vegas for business!  Then again, whenever people head to Vegas you know they are usually going to be gambling, eating, partying, etc..  Well you know how it goes: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

As I’m getting ready to head to another International Convention for my company, I’m just thinking about all the acquaintances I’ve made this year.  Some of them I met at different trainings throughout the year and others at consecutive trainings in Chicago over the summer.

Like many of them, I’ve learned quite a bit about [hclightbox id=”7″ text=”running a business from my home“] and earning an income from it.  However, this opportunity is about to change in a big way for many of us.  This is only because we’ve learned to approach the opportunity like true entrepreneurs. Like Darren Hardy is sharing in the video with Eric Worre below, we’ve learned the importance of personal development!

We’ve all learned new methods, and applied many of them these past few months.  We’ve managed to get past our frustrations unto new discoveries and insights for the next leg of our journey.  I’ve worked with some great partners and learned from them as they have from me.  This blog even came about as a result of one of these synergistic relationships.

Going for business, really?

Top of VegasYet, we’re looking forward to more training in Vegas and after!  Why is that?  This is all about mindset mastery.  If you’re training but not looking forward to mastery, you’re kidding yourself.  You must learn as an entrepreneur that there will always be a need to learn new things so that you don’t get stagnant and diminish your value to your market, primarily your customers.

So, where’s the pleasure?

Las VegasWhen we land in Vegas later today, the atmosphere won’t necessarily change me, but it’s good to go to a different environment from time to time.  And yes, there will be parties.  Some company sponsored, and others group sponsored.  Various organizations love to have social events to get people in the mood to enjoy themselves, whether in Vegas or Miami for that matter!

Many of us are looking to overcome impossibilities which are simply pebbles strategically placed along the way to trip us and cause us to realize we had greatness in us all along.

Time to head to Vegas, Baby!

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Leverage time and money

Where can I get LEVERAGE?

I recently heard a saying that went like this: those with a poverty mentality ask ‘how much does it cost,’ while those with a wealth mentality ask ‘how much is it worth?

In today’s world, where most of us are “pawning” our skills to the highest bidder, we usually put the value on our time as high as we possibly can. However, most of us don’t really get paid what we’re worth.

Few people actually get great value in exchange for their time, and this is because the masses have yet to understand how and where to get real leverage.

Business people understand leverage

They use it in to attain phenomenal growth and profit in their ventures. However, in today’s world the masses are still being leveraged.Leveraging the masses

In feudal times there were only two types of jobs: one for indentured servants, i.e. slaves, and the other for soldiers. These two job types still exist today, though in different forms. Those who understand leverage will always employ people to grow their business, and to watch and protect their assets from being stolen. Governments and businesses understand and use this approach daily.

However, no one is stopping you from moving from the 97% group that is being leveraged to the 3% that seems to have all the leverage. If you don’t think this is true, check out the wealth distribution and understand that you’re going to have to be bold to take your place among the 3% to bring your purpose to fruition in your business through leverage.

The debate though is not about the rich getting richer, but the opportunity that exists in America especially to move from one economic class to another in a matter of a couple of decades. The question then becomes do you know where to get leverage? I submit that the best place is still to become an entrepreneur and start your own business.

Where’s Your Leverage?

Wealth Inequality in America

Wealth Inequality in America

You might say, well I don’t have the kind of money it takes to own a McDonald’s franchise.  And you would probably be right unless you decided to leverage debt.  However, debt has a way of turning its ugly head every 7-10 years and sinking some investment ships.  Nonetheless, there’s still more opportunity in America and abroad.  Today the Direct Sales industry is where many are starting home based businesses in order to leverage their time and money.  They are learning to earn an income from home.

What about you? Where will you turn?  Do you have a plan B?  If not, It may be time to check out why moguls like Warren Buffet and Robert Kiyosaki are supporters of this 70 year-old industry.

Want more information about [hclightbox id=”7″ text=”earning an income from home? Start here“]…

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Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2

Tonight, my wife and I had the pleasure to go watch the sneak preview of ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2‘ at the movie theater.  As always, I’m drawing a lesson or two from every book and movie.  This one was no different.  I got two major lessons  from this movie.

The first lesson:  Find your passion and others will follow you.
Leadership is taking the reins and showing others the way.  Many will be inspired, especially when you’ve achieved something that they were always aspiring to do.

Joe Cross was fat, sick and suffering from various illnesses brought on by his choice of diet.  In fact, he was on medication .  However, he decided he was going to do something about it, and he did.  He took the plunge and went on a green juice diet across America for 60 days.

As a result, he ended up losing more than 80 lbs in those 60 days coming down from 309 lbs.  Joe puts it well when he says ‘What I’ve learned: the best way to change the world is to change yourself.”  And that he has done as he’s inspired many others to change destination and live on purpose once again.  He’s found his passion and he’s living on purpose.

The second lesson: You need a community around you.
There’s nothing more powerful than having a community of people to help support you in your endeavor.  While Joe Cross has lost the weight and managed to keep it off, you’ll learn once the movie is released that one of his followers didn’t manage to do as well.

However, this is nothing to judge him on when you learn about his choices and how he ended up being isolated from a community.  People crave community.  Frankly, we were made to live in community.  Nobody can do it alone.  When surrounded by a support system it’s easier to replace old habits and step into your purpose.  This is because we were made for interaction/feedback!  How am I doing so far?Community-support

Social Media is powerful than you think  While many people can find a support system in their family, the community, the church or even a club, many ended up finding that support online from people who live hundreds and thousands of miles around the world.

Bonus lesson: The slight edge or compound effect will always keep working for or against you.
Every action toward your purpose or procrastination are effecting not only you, but others around you.

In the end, Joe’s choice to take the plunge has changed his life destination.  One doctor scanned his arteries and proved to him what his end might have been if he didn’t start juicing in the last 6 years.

Wouldn’t it be nice for you to find out where you stand with your health?  It is actually possible to reverse many of the degenerative diseases with the right approach, as many of Joe’s followers proved.  Can you feel great every day again?  You can.  Let’s do it, and let’s add life to our lives!

The movie will be available on DVD in November.  Meanwhile you can start a Reboot with Joe!

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Are You Training For Mastery?

When it comes to developing the right mindset as an entrepreneur, the phase called ‘Training‘ will never stop, unless you want to curb your paycheck at some point. Why would anyone want that anyway?

This year, in my quest for mastery, I have already spent thousands of dollars just to get the right training under my belt.  I’ve been renewing my mind, and reminding myself that the old programming cannot solve the issues I’m looking to overcome in my business now.

In the last three months I traveled every month to Chicago to connect with one of my business mentors to learn the right mindset. Mind you, I paid for travel, training, course materials, food, etc.. And you know what? At no point did he say ‘You’re doing such a great job!”

Best Training Around

Training for Mastery with my mentorMy mentor expects me to learn what he’s teaching me, and furthermore to practice what I’m learning so I can ultimately develop to the level of mastery. After all, that’s why I am paying him for, to not only train me, but also to look over my business and challenge the results I’ve chosen.

Last time I saw him, he introduced me to his accountant and asked me to develop a real business plan that represented not only where my business currently is, but where I expect to take it in the next 12 months and beyond.

The gull, you say? Well, this is what mentors are all about. They are there to train you, stretch you and stop you from making costly mistakes along the way.  In short, they want you to reach mastery like they have.

Mastery Is Waiting For You

So, with that in mind, read this next passage with the mindset that one of your mentors is talking to you and challenging your mindset, and your plan of action to reach your short term and long term goals along the way to reaching your true potential.


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Who's Training You?

Who Is Training You?

Who’s training you?  Who’s putting the pressure on you to get you to go the extra mile, which you’re capable of doing?

Who’s telling you that you are able to do all things?  That there are no limits? And that you’re one idea away from your next fortune?

[video_player type=”youtube” youtube_hide_controls=”N” youtube_auto_play=”Y” youtube_remove_logo=”Y” width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cDovL3lvdXR1LmJlL1BPZHphc0prbHh3[/video_player]

Who exactly is challenging your old mindset?

Somebody is telling you that you can’t do certain things.  That somebody happens to be you, due to the old programming.  You’ve got to get past your old programming.

The only way you’ll get rid of your old program is to put in some new programming.  You cannot watch a different movie until you change the current DVD in the player.  It’s time for new training.

This new programming will help you stop from going across the old boundaries where you can’t produce at your optimum level.

MTime to Trainy question is still:  Who’s training you? 

This is about a mental shift.  A mindset change.  Many of you don’t really have anyone challenging you to go beyond your current level to reach your potential and beyond.

Who’s training you?

Who’s asking you to go to a higher level?  Are you willing to go to a higher level?

Or do you see yourself at the current level where you’re seemingly stuck and moving nowhere fast?

I’m calling you to a higher level, and you must respond to the training, and go to that level.  You have the potential inside of you to go higher.

You must connect with new mentors in the areas of your strengths so you can be even more effective.

You must connect with a mentor that can teach you how to strike the ball out of the park!  That mentor can only be someone who’s currently doing it or has a track record of not only achieving the level you’re striving for but can also put you through new training.

You must seek out the leader who’s already gone where you’re dreaming of going.  They see the possibility and your ability stretched to reach your potential.

Constant Training is necessary

So, are you still listening to the old programming?  Or are you challenging that old DVD by constantly playing the new programming over it?

You must keep replaying the new programming, however uncomfortable it seems at first.  You’ll get comfortable with it soon enough just like you did with the old programming.

Once that happens, it’s time to upgrade the programming again.  Seek out new mentors and seek out a challenge that will get you living at the level of your potential consistently.  This is the only way you’ll get back to your creative space where you can make your world a better place!

 So, who’s training you?

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