Are you an Entrepreneur?

Are you an Entrepreneur?

How do you define an entrepreneur?  Do you know anyone who claims to be one vs. someone you know is a true entrepreneur?  Are you an entrepreneur?

Many people claim to be entrepreneurs, but they don't fully understand the meaning of the word.  To be an entrepreneur requires at least some of the following characteristics.

  1. Becoming a critical thinker
  2. Thinking on your feet
  3. Developing a mindset to recognize opportunity
  4. Having a long term vision
  5. Constantly finding opportunity to create wealth with others

There are many more characteristics, but these are just a few that I think warrant the time of anyone who's looking to develop into an entrepreneur.  Understand that school doesn't teach you to become an entrepreneur.  They can help you develop a critical eye to some extent.  However, many students end up coming out of college without ever having developed true critical thinking.  They just accept whatever they're told as the truth because they never researched it.

Thinking on your feet is what is required of those who want to stay on top when someone else changes the rules of the game.  For example, when the tax code was changed to tax the rich more, they quickly found new tax shelters, because they understand the value of their resources and won't simply let that slip so easily out of their hands.

Many people have yet to develop the mindset to recognize opportunity.  I know of a young man who at 10 years old started buying his own ATM machines and now owns 10 ATM machines at 13 years old grossing $6,000/year.  In the space of 4 years he's paid for his initial investment, which means should he decide to go to college at 18, he has already gathered at least 10% of his yearly tuition at some Ivy League school.

But most of us don't have such long term vision, which is always required of the entrepreneur because you must create assets that in turn [hclightbox id=”7″ text=”create a stream of income”].

Last, as an entrepreneur, you must learn to develop relationships that lead to new products and services.  It's not rare to see other entrepreneurs coming together in their own Mastermind groups looking to synergize and choose new results.

Having only touched the tip of the iceberg here, I promise you we'll look at more characteristics of the entrepreneur in a few more articles.  Your best course of action is to start reading books that expose you to the Entrepreneur mindset and how you can choose the right results that put on the path to developing your own entrepreneurial spirit.

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