90-Day Challenge - What is accountability?

What is Accountabilty

90-Day Challenge – What is accountability?

We've just started the 90-Day Challenge, and I love what I'm hearing already from everyone who's joined us.  There are some that having a tough time reading daily, due to health issues, and some are already discovering where their time stealers are, and others who are just waiting for the right time to get started with the reading.

Regardless, of where you are in the 90-Day Challenge, I encourage to keep going with the program.  The goal is to stay accountable knowing that though it can sometimes be hard to find extra time in your schedule, this program will help you discover how to effectively improve your time management.

Early will I rise O Lord to meet you.

For me, though, the first seven days have been a little easy because I made a decision to start 5 days ahead of class in order to write my notes and share them daily.   This is the accountability we're talking about.  It's truly self-accountability.

I can tell you that it's real work.  I'm blessed that my kids don't get up before 7:30am, and that I work from home.  But it has also revealed weaknesses in my area of self-accountability.

First, let's understand that accountability is nothing more than taking ownership of what you said you're going to do.  Now, I've not missed a single day since I started reading and listening and taking notes.  However, I can see how I spend way too much on the computer, and that's not good.

I can help people, and I can write all kinds of pages, but this program revealed already that I need time off the screen, which is something my youngest daughter was pointing out weeks ago.

What is Accountabilty
Accountability is taking ownership

Besides, taking ownership, accountability allows you to put up a mirror to yourself.  And when you're running with others, they reflect back to you where you're supposed to be, not in a competitive way, but rather in an encouraging way.  This is why we have the group.

It's been proven that when we run in groups, we are more likely to stay accountable because we see others taking ownership as well, and that encourages us.  However, if you're trying to do this on your own, it's more likely that you'll fail, and quit.  This is exactly why I'm challenging you to join us – the Quit Factor is too high and too easy when you're isolated.

Time Stealers Are Real

Remember that this program will help you identify where you're out of balance with your time.  So, have you already identified some of your time stealers?  Where is the greatest demand on your time today? 

Are you vegging when you should be reading?  Are you watching way too much TV?  Are you having way too much time with the boys or the girls instead of spending time at home with your spouse and kids?

Until you identify the time stealers, you'll still keep going around the same mountains with health and financial issues, because those are simply an outgrowth of the lack of balance in the areas of your time and focus. 

So, joining the group is a good way to start being accountable as you'll see postings in there regularly, and seeing others commenting and sharing what this program is doing for them.  It's never too late to join us.  Click here to join the dozens of others that have so far decided to do the challenge. 

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  • Kelly Lord | Aug 4,2018

    There’s a app called “Moment” that keeps track of screen time on the phone and how many times you pick your phone up to check it. There’s a way to make alerts at certain screen times to keep you aware how much time you are on your phone. This has been a blessing to me to realize how much I need to be mindful of not being present in life by electronic distractions.

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