Welcome to my site.  I'am Pierre Laguerre, The Entrepreneur on the Move.

On this site you'll find the things I'm truly passionate about, whether it's my Podcast, The Daily Motivator, or links to my Mission Work in Puerto Rico with PR Relief Now, or the fact that I love to help small businesses and non-profit organizations with their Marketing campaigns to get them better results.

The Daily Motivator

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    How Will The 90-Day Challenge Help Me?

    A few dozens of you have already joined the 90-Day Challenge, and it's already time for a 2-week update.  Many of you are just getting started, while others are catching up on the challenge.  Who will make it to the end? Tonight, we're having a LIVE Webinar to connect with

    What is Accountabilty

    90-Day Challenge – What is accountability?

    We've just started the 90-Day Challenge, and I love what I'm hearing already from everyone who's joined us.  There are some that having a tough time reading daily, due to health issues, and some are already discovering where their time stealers are, and others who are just waiting for the

    The 90-Day Challenge

    90-Day Challenge Weekly Reading List

    Here's our Weekly Reading List below for the 90-Day Challenge.  I'll be updating it regularly for those trekking with us in the program.  You can join us at any point and take the challenge that will help get your schedule back in line.  But first read the following Tips before

    you shall decree a thing

    Daily Affirmation Examples

    You shall decree a thing and it shall be unto you.  It's important to have your daily affirmations and declare them daily.  As I shared in “The Successful Entrepreneur's Morning Routine,” you need to declare the things God has said about you and declare desires of your heart on a

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