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Welcome to my site.  I’am Pierre Laguerre, The Entrepreneur on the Move.

On this site you’ll find the things I’m truly passionate about, whether it’s my Podcast, The Daily Motivator, or links to my Mission Work in Puerto Rico with PR Relief Now, or the fact that I love to help small businesses and non-profit organizations with their Marketing campaigns to get them better results.

The Daily Motivator

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    Sales Leads

    Is It Possible To Get 10-15 Leads On My Website Daily?

    The difference between a static and an interactive site, and why you need the latter.   Today, most websites are pretty much static.  Even when there’s a lead capture page it doesn’t usually speak to the visitor.  Do visitors really want to join your mailing list?  Not unless they see

    Daily Motivator

    Your Business Is Not A Hobby. Episode #326

    Your business is not a hobby. Listen to 4 different reasons why you must separate doing business from having a hobby. Once you start a business you must look to deliver a specific outcome to your customers. Entrepreneurs go into business to do it full-time and reap benefits that are

    Delete or Delegate? Episode #325

    What will you delete? Some tasks that you have delegated should be deleted. What tasks are not generating any revenue for your business? Which ones are not moving you towards delivering more value to your prospects and customers? Are you ready to remove them from your list? Pierre A. Laguerre

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